Final Voyage

To all hands having had the privilege to know Dick Pittenger, 46-47 FM1

With regrets, one of Perry's finest, Dick Pittenger has taken his Final Voyage on November 18, 2008. I’m proud to say, Dick ranks high among the most gallant of all Perry shipmates. When he knew his final moments were fast approaching, he asked his wife Sandi to let his shipmates know he would be sailing on and unable to stand his watch. To the end, Dick never wavered in the way he conducted his life, with bravery and always thinking about others first.

As many of us did, we first met Dick at our 1st reunion in Virginia Beach, VA. Within seconds the warmth of this wonderful guy was discovered and the bond of his friendship would continue to grow as it did with everyone he met. Dick truly loved the Perry and every one of us associated with it. Even his multiple hip surgeries and heart problem was not a deterrent to keep him from joining his shipmates at our Newport reunion.

Dick was a USS Perry DD-844 Plank Owner. He can also be considered a reunion Plank Owner, because he attended each and every Perry reunion. Dick was always the guy behind scenes helping out. He was the guy taking the photos at our reunions and when asked, he was our Associations sounding board and trusted confidant.

Remembering - As Martin Deeney recalled, how fitting it was that Dick laid the wreath upon the water at our Newport Reunion Memorial Service. And how about Sandi accepting the assignment of Association Secretary. His old pal Will Pruett from way back in ’46 aboard the Perry was also reminiscing about the rekindled friendship when they met up again at our 1st reunion in 2000. It just doesn’t get any better.

While we will all be deeply saddened at not having a favorite son of the Perry with us at our next reunion, I know he will be there with us in spirit. What a guy! He may be temporarily gone but will ‘never be forgotten'.

Fair winds and smooth sailing our friend. We’re gonna miss you man.

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