Final Voyage

To all hands having had the privilege to know Don Santee, GMG2 66-67

With deep regrets, one of Perry's finest, Don Santee has taken his Final Voyage on the 22nd of September 2005 as a result of a heat attack. Don was very proud of his service aboard the Perry and his relationship with the Perry Association. It seems like yesterday I saw Don in the parking lot during our reunion helping a shipmate in distress. Don was always there for you and was the kind of guy you could depend on when the chips were down.

Don was also a member of an elite group of shipmates that attended all our reunions and was one of the first to be registered for our 2006 DC Reunion. I just know he’s NOT gonna miss this one, no matter what, and will be with us in spirit when we pay tribute to all our shipmates that have taken their final voyage since our last gathering. Along with all the other shipmates that preceded him, Don will be logged into the 'gone but not forgotten' Perry memorial website register.

Condolences can be mailed to his son Donald Santee
391 Rhine Rd., Fitzgerald, GA 31750