"Long after they are gone their crews remember"

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Long after she is gone we remember grand old flag
27 Years of dedicated service to our country

Gearing Class
153 Ships built in 1942
Laid down by Bath Iron Works,

Bath Me.
May 14 1945
Sponsored by Mrs. George Tilton
Launched October 25 1945

Commissioned January 17, 1946
Comdr. Clyde J. Van Arsdall, Jr.,
in command.
Decommissioned July 1, 1973
Sold June 24 1974

The destroyer is different from the rest of ships.
It is small, fast and personal.
No other ship offers the experience that a destroyer does in any sea state.
Long after they are gone, their crews remember

257 Seaman and 17 Officers

3460 tons

HULL #264
Length = 390' 6"
Beam = 42' 2.5"
Draft = 18' 6''

Depth 24'

Six 5 inch 38 caliber dual purpose Guns
12x 40MMAA 11x 20MMAA 10x 21"TT

twin rudders
60,000 HP

geared turbines
4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers
2 screws.

1 stack
Speed = 34 kts.
Range 3,300 nautical miles at
20 knots

Perry history as noted in the USS Kennedy DD-850 website

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USS Perry was laid down by Bath Iron Works,
Bath Me.
May 14, 1945

Gearing Class Destroyers