USS Perry



Issue  # 1
Mission Accomplished
It's smooth sailing for our ......... Perry WEB Site  !       

Dear Perry friends and shipmates,

I'm pleased to say the Perry WEB site has accomplished it's intended mission. It has brought shipmates together after many many years and will continue bringing others together. At present we have had no less than 20 + shipmates log on to the site. This number may not seem impressive compared to some commercial sites that claim 1,000,000+ visitors, but to me our 20 + is far more significant. It brings together men who are bonded by the fond memories and experiences they shared aboard the Perry. Thus far the Perry site has been 'navigated' by shipmates spanning the years 1948 - 1971. As our most recent visitor and a '71 shipmate so politely put it, he is delighted feeling like boot among us.

I'd like to share some recent encounters between shipmates which were brought about by our WEB site. As shipmates discover our site and sign our Log book, the Perry forwards an email Welcome Aboard note with a request for some of their photos. Our very first photo was received from Leif Bendeke of Tenn. Within a few days after including the photo in our album, can you guess what happened? Your right, Bob Campbell of NY emailed the Perry saying "I can't believe it, I just saw myself in a photo with Leif, a buddy I hadn't spoken to in 37 years.

The electricity of this encounter was indescribable for them as well as myself. I subsequently got together with Martin Denney and had a bite to eat with him in a Penn. pub. We didn't serve together, but had fun sharing stories about the Perry. Joe Ress and Bill Taylor have also made contact. I believe these young fellers served aboard the Perry in 1950. Isn't that just great. Check out the great photos Joe sent us, you just may find yourself immortalized in the Perry site. We now have a 1/2 dozen of us who are planning a get together some time this Spring when the waters are somewhat gentler. Everyone is encouraged to join us.

In closing, two thoughts come to mind. First, this is only the beginning. For the second I'd like to paraphrase some thing I've read about destroyers, "after the ships are long gone, their crews remember". In this regard the Perry will remain a memorable part of us for ever.

Smooth sailing,
Seaman Steve Silk

OOPS, I almost forgot. Check out our new WEB site, it has a new face and should be easier to 'Navigate' let me know what you think and inform me of any bugs.