USS Perry


May 10, 1999
Issue #2

It's smooth sailing for our ......... Perry WEB Site  !

 Memory Lane

Our WEB Site

A special thank you is extended to everyone for sharing their photos, sea stories and especially for just being part of our WEB site. It's what it's all about, a journey down memory lane together. Have some fun and visit our WEB site to view several new photo albums.

Kudos to Bob Hales, the only shipmate who spotted a photo of the Perry as an impostor. Initially we needed photos so we borrowed one from the DD692 that I thought was rather exciting. Sorry! In a week or two I'll re-name the photo "impostor".

The Perry crew continues to grow as new shipmates surf in. Our effort to continually submit our site to the major search engines makes finding the Perry site a lot easier. Go to and enter
uss perry dd844 in the search field. You will be pleasantly surprised.


Domain Name

It makes accessing the WEB site much easier and is somewhat prestigious. Having a domain name enables us to access our WEB site from any location by simply entering or etc. Any one interested in making a contribution toward the expense of a Domain name will become a registered
"plank owner". Please respond to our SOS for a domain name to become a 'plank owner'. Each plank owner will have his name inscribed in our Perry WEB site. Make the financial contribution individually or as a group.

The Plank Owner program is an on going program. The cost is $ 120 for the first two years. Then, $35 per year there after. We will again seek additional "plank owners" each time the $35 renewal fee becomes due.

The NJ Bull Session

It was great meeting shipmates for the first time and sharing stories of our Navy days as well as the more current events of our lives. We had mates come from afar as Michigan, Tennessee and Boston. About 10 Perry shipmates showed up in total with most staying for diner and good conversation. We had the largest group of any ship and would have had more but last minute problems kept a few away. I understand so well, it's to bad we all didn't purchase the extended warranty on our body parts. For those of you who couldn't make the Bull Session, check out the Bull Session photo album and see how well we have all aged. This was my 1st Bull Session and I was very impressed with how well it was managed. Even the chow was excellent.

Special hellos are extended to the Ladies of Flanagan, Gruss and Guariniello who honored us with their presence and charm. Hope to see you all again.

Thanks Bob for my Perry hat. When I attended a local TCS state function I was the only one looking like a civilian. Never again, I'm Perry Navy once more.

As we shipped off to our home ports, everyone suggested we do it again. In this regard a questionnaire was prepared with the help of Bob Campbell and Joe Malmendier. This will give us some idea of how most of us feel about having a reunion and what we expect if we do. We hope everyone will complete the questionnaire. You should have already received the questionnaire.

Joe has also offered to mail everything to the 60+ Perry shipmates not presently on the Internet.

Smooth sailing,
Steve Silk

Please note my new email address. I will be changing my ISP and will no longer receive mail to my AOL address. My new email is