Happy Fathers Day to you all and many happy returns

REUNION #9 2010

Yes, it's Liberty Time again in Philadelphia. I'm sure many of you remember the good old days in Philly when the Perry pulled into the Philadelphia Navy Yard back in 1919 to be decommissioned.

Is it you don't remember or is it you're denying
it's not you in the photo?

Click to enlarge 1919 photo view
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Then if its not you in the photo, you must be young enough to join us in Philly for that mystical cruise down 'memory lane'. This cruise in Philly promises to be one you'll place in your memory bank for many years to come so why not join the 30 shipmates that have already signed on for the cruise.

While these economic times are very difficult for us all, I also know our Perry crew can rally to any occasion and use their creative energy and imagination to accomplish most anything. For instance, what better time is there than Fathers Day, to drop a suggestion to the kids that dear old dad wouldn't be upset if they all chipped in and  shipped him off to Philly for that exciting reunion cruise down 'memory lane'. Only joking, at our age everyday is fathers's day.

You all know its really great fun getting together when we can and sharing our sea stories of yesteryear. And if you're not exactly feeling up to par, any doctor will tell you the best medicine is getting out of the house and doing something you'll enjoy. So don't miss the boat for this reunion.

Talking about memories that live on and on and on. Isn't it wonderful that the original framed photo of the USS Perry DD-11 crew was given to our Perry Association for preservation of this very special and important piece of Perry history? This original framed photo will be on exhibit at our reunion.

Take a moment and view the slide shows made up of a few candid shots taken some weeks back. Enjoy!

Reading Terminal Market
The Loews Hotel
Joe Pesce Restaurant
Hard Rock Café
A bit of Philadelphia

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Thursday get-acquainted dinner party at
Joe Pesce restaurant

Friday options - Dinner Cruise - Chart House -
or Dinner on your own

Many thanks for the early reunion registrations. Early sign up really helps our event planning

A special thank you is extended to all the shipmates that made unsolicited contributions to our association during these difficult economic times. Your support truly helps keep the Perry afloat and helps support the functions of our reunions.
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Rooms are limited so book now. - 215-627-1200

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September 9th Thursday - 13th Monday 2010

'Long after the ships are gone, their crews remember'

See you in Philly & Smooth Sailing
Steve Silk