A Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year to All

        Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel
However it's said, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas. Simply stated, Christmas is about the birth of Christ and a time of compassion for our fellow man and peace on earth and good will to all

The Christmas Season is also a time that often brings to mind past memories. It's a time when we recall old friendships and wonder how we ever got out of touch. It's a time when we think of happy moments and the sad times as well. It's also a time for charity and forgiveness. Christmas is just a wonderful time of the year and its no wonder Christmas is celebrated the world over. In the spirit of this wonderful Holiday, the Perry Association wishes everyone a very special Blessed Christmas and a healthy happy New Year. Let us take a moment to count our blessings and say a prayer for our military and those of us less fortunate during this Holy Season.

"And she shall bring forth a son,and thou shalt call his name Jesus:for he shall save his people from their sins." Matthew (1:21)

Congratulations !!!! Shipmate Charles Lishman, who turned 90 this year, was 1 of 6 Pearl Harbor survivors who attended the Fresno Veterans parade on November 11. After being interviewed on TV and having his story told in the Fresno Bee he thinks he may grow up to be a celebrity. Can you believe he and his good looking chick Dorothy will be celebrating their 70 wedding anniversary this coming June. Go Chuck Go !!! chado@sti.net 559-683-2338

Midshipmen vs. Cadets It was a most beautiful Winter day for the 70,000 people who jammed Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field to catch an eyeful of one of the oldest rivalries in college football. Just before noon, the Naval Academy Midshipmen marched onto the field with their band and saluted their fans at the east side of the stadium. The West Point Cadets followed with their own march and saluted their fans on the west side.This windless sunny day was just perfect for the 20 or so Navy-Army sky divers that seemed to have fallen from Heaven and hit center court with the precise accuracy of rifle marksman. The festivities then continued with a pre-game kicking competition. After 10 men from each team kicked for the extra point, Navy's victory in this competition set the tone for the game.Game Time - For the 111 time, these gallant men met on the gridiron in fierce competition. Yes, its now history and Navy did it again, they won an outstanding 31 - 17 victory over Army. This makes it nine straight wins for Navy with 55 total wins against Army's 49 wins and 7 ties.

Nothing has been more fun than beating Army. When the Army fans at our hotel said Navy is going down in this game, my reply was simple, " only our subs go down mate". Needless to say, Army fans were no where in sight after the game.Its now on to the Poinsettia Bowl for our Midshipmen to do battle against San Diego State. Go Navy!!!
Next year Army will try to snap its nine-game losing streak against Navy, as the game comes to Fort Meade's back door at the FedEx Field in Landover, MD on Dec. 10, 2011.

Bob Hales and myself both thought this was the most exciting football game we ever attended. And being part of Admiral Joe Hare & Charlie Kletz contingent made the event even extra special. We can't thank our host enough for this wonderful day that will remain in our memories for a long time to come. God willing, Bob and myself are looking forward to next years Army / Navy game. We'd love to see more Perry Shipmates at the next game.

Reunion Time - As mentioned in our last Newsletter, Mystic, CT was selected as our next reunion site with Ken Annino offering to the chair the event. Ken who is originally from Connecticut, knows the area well and has promised to give us an exciting reunion itinerary. However, upon a further review of Mystic, questions were raised about the difficulty of getting to and from Mystic for our shipmates traveling from distant locations.

Since the main effort of our Perry Reunion Planning Committee is to attract as many shipmates to our Reunion as possible, it was decided to see how ALL our Perry shipmates feel about the Mystic location. We're asking everyone to complete a short survey that will give our planners the necessary feed back to better serve everyone’s needs. In the event Mystic travel difficulty is shown to restrict reunion attendance, Savannah and New Orleans are being presented as alternative choice cities for our next reunion. These two cities were the over whelming choices after the acceptance of Mystic during our Philly business meeting.

Be assured, selecting the city of your choice for this reunion does not negate any unselected cities for future reunion consideration. While the exciting cities of Chicago, Nashville and San Diego were not previously selected, they will be reconsidered as future reunion sites along with the unselected cities in this survey.

Please understand, although the travel issue raised were not shared by the entire planning committee, it is important to know the considerations and concerns of ALL our shipmates. We're looking forward to your thoughts and getting together for our next reunion.

Click the this link to submit your survey

Have a great Holiday - Steve