Happy Easter

       I trust everyone had a good holiday. As we recall our blessings and happy moments, let’s not forget those of us who are less fortunate. For all of our shipmates in need and especially to the shipmates who attended our last reunion and are now awaiting surgery we offer our prayers for your speedy recovery and continued good health. A small prayer to the big guy above goes a long way.

Membership Council Crew Chiefs

       Thanks to our Crew Chiefs and especially VP Will Pruett who helped increase our Association member count to 445. This is a gain of 51 since our last reunion of October 2001.

       Will Pruett established the Crew Chiefs’ Council to find new Perry shipmate through FREE local newspaper advertising. Most local newspapers have a community calendar section where an ad of this type can be placed free of charge. The effort works fine. Just ask Will Pruett and he will tell you how rewarding it is to find a new shipmate in your backyard.

       Everyone is invited to become a Crew Chief and place a brief ad in the Community Calendar section of their local newspaper under the caption REUNIONS.

(Ad example )

USS Perry 3rd Annual Reunion
Reunion date and location to be announced. If you served aboard the USS Perry DD-844 or DMS-17 at any time please contact the
USS Perry Reunion Association
(Provide your name, phone number and email address) Web site http://www.ussperry.com.

       This link http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/ will direct you over 10,000 online newspapers where you may possibly enter a Perry Reunion notification. Upon placing a Newspaper ad please let Will Pruett know so we may add you to our distinguished list of Crew Chiefs permanently posted on our web site.

       Shipmates can also be found among various Navy web sites where personal or reunion information may be posted. Most recently, a friend told me about www.classmates.com where a surprising number of Perry shipmates were registered on their Military web page section. Will Pruett is now making these shipmates aware of our web site and requesting them to sign our Ship’s Log.

       Please, when registering at a Military web site, look for fellow Perry shipmates who are not registered with our Perry Association and make them aware of www.ussperry.com.

Can anyone estimate the total number of different shipmates who served aboard the USS Perry DD844
from 1946 - 1973 ?
Send email to steve@ussperry.com

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       It was exciting to have received an email from Capt. Jeff Wonnenberg thanking us for our web site and for continuing the saga of the Perry ships. Capt. Jeff Wonnenberg was one of two divers who discovered our 3rd Perry the DMS-17 submerged deep in the waters of Palau. Our Web site contains the exciting story of the DMS-17 and has some excellent underwater photos of the Perry, which was sunk by a Japanese mine. Wouldn’t it be great to have Jeff join us at our next reunion and personally share his experience with us.

Will Pruetts correspondence with
Frank Pogue, DMS-17.

     Received the following letter from Frank yesterday.  Ken Chambers and Frank Pogue have worked on getting the DMS-17 folks together before our 1st reunion. Frank,.  is the liaison to all 40 of the DMS-17 survivors and writes them when he can, at least annually. As he writes, he will give them my email address so they may respond directly with our Association. Their email addresses will be shared with Steve, Martin and Joe to be included into our database.

New Web site additions

Click Navy links button
(naval information locator links etc)

Click web search button– (new)

     Entering any key phrase will display all the web pages containing the key word

Add a link – (new)

       Add any link of interest for your shipmates to enjoy. I’m amazed to see the many new LINKS added to our web site. I hope they were entered by our shipmates. If not, we may have to delete some of them. Just curious, please let me know if you used the add link function. steve@ussperry.com

 USS Perry Association Business

       Since our reunion your Board has been fast at work following up the suggestion of our Association Members. At the reunion we were requested to look into the feasibility of building a model ship of the Perry to display at our Reunions. At that moment it sounded like a good idea. However, further examination with several model ship builders including one of our own, Captain Peter Watson, discouraged the idea. Beyond the $2,000+ price tag to construct the model, transportation and storage presented insurmountable problems.

       A question, what to do with our $2,000 surplus? First, to those of you unable to attend Reunion 2001 let me explain how we acquired the surplus. At our business meeting, our Treasurer, Joe Malmendier, was busy drafting checks to return the monies of the Mayport tour, which was cancelled due to the events of 911. I’m sorry to say I don’t recall the name, but the beautiful wife of one of our shipmates offered her refund back to the Association. Everyone immediately followed her example and that’s how we acquired the $2,000 surplus. It is my belief that the Perry is not in the business of building cash reserves. The monies collected from dues and other contributions are to be used for building and managing our Association and for Naval related charities. At the end of a Reunion Cycle we should have only a minimal reserves for ongoing expenses.

     One suggestion for our $2,000 surplus was to purchase a Perry inscribed BRICK for placement at the Washington Memorial Foundation. This idea was quickly put to rest. Most of us believed the money could be put to better use. In the past, we have made small contributions to organizations who provide daily essentials to retired Navy personal living in Naval community housing.

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       We soon agreed to disburse our surplus as follows; A contribution of $250 to the Tin Can Sailor’s Destroyer Museum. In lieu of building the model ship, we will purchase a ship’s bell, boatswain pipe and a Perry banner to display at our next meeting. Our surplus funds will also be used to fund some functions at our next reunion. It’s not cast in stone, but at this moment thinking leans toward funding the hospitality suite and having music at our next reunion. With everyone decked out in their Sunday best, you could sense the energy in the air for a continuance of our Banquet social affair.

       Also, whatever we can do to reduce the cost of the reunion should make attending the reunion a bit easier for many of our shipmates. This somewhat follows Bush’s thinking on taxes, "we got the $ from the people so let’s give it back to the people". If you have other ideas please share them with us.

Reunion April 2003
Location to be announced

       Plans for our 3rd reunion are underway. We understand the need to plan ahead and will provide the exact date as soon as we establish the actual reunion date and location.

       Thus far we have only received formal reunion information from Ray Reiner presenting Baltimore, MD as his choice. We have spoken to Mike Vanderschaaf who is preparing his formal package on Las Vegas. Other suggestions at our last reunion were for Pensacola, FL, Reno, NV, Newport, RI      Biloxi, MI and Annapolis, MD. Where are you guys, we’re waiting?

       It seems like our Jacksonville reunion was held just the other day and before you know it April 2003 will be upon us. Start planning now. A year is just a short time away. If you were unable to attend last year’s reunion be sure to make this one. Talk to anyone who attended our reunions, they were outstanding events.

Give us your comments steve@ussperry.com



A Perry Reunion Banner

Do we have anyone in the banner business? Is anyone in the ad agency business? How about an artist or designer. We are looking for a volunteer to design a Perry Reunion Banner to be permanently displayed at our reunions. For starters here is a proto type banner we can improve upon. We need your help, please send an email to. ussperry@usa.com if you can help.

A Zippo Memento

At our last reunion one of our shipmates proudly displayed his USS Perry Zippo cigarette lighter. It sure was impressive to see the lighter still working. At that moment, if we could, we would have been down to SK3 Will Pruett’s ship’s store and purchased a lighter. Well now it can be purchased from the Zippo Company for between $10 - $15 depending on type and design. Even for non-smokers it is a wonderful memorabilia piece. A minimum order of 50 is required for Zippo to manufacture a custom lighter. Sine we must provide the artwork of our crest it would be helpful if current owners of the lighter would send us a photo of their lighter to be replicated by Zippo. If you might be interested in purchasing a Perry Zippo please send an email to steve@ussperry.com and indicate ZIPPO INTEREST.

       If we have sufficient interest we will design our crest and select the lighter type such as Brush Brass, Ivory, Black Ice, Satin Chrome etc.

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NJ Tin Can Sailor

The New Jersey Bull Session was held Saturday, March 24, 2001 at the Holiday Inn, Jamesburg, NJ. As a New Jersey boy I always attend this great function. However, due to a personal family emergency I was unable to attend this event. As usual I understand it was a lot of fun and dinner was exceptionally good. We always have a good Perry turnout. I‘m also glad to say that my wheel chair bound friend Cdr. Barry Cruikshank of the USS R.B. Anderson DD786 was able to find another chauffer to get him to the event.

Membership Council Crew Chief's

45 Bill Beyhl  JGBWFB@webtv.net 
46 Dick Pittenger  rcpitt@webtv.net 
47&48 Ernie Peterson  nhoffman@esd189.org 
49 Max Katz  dejain@bitstorm.net   
50&53 Moon Risley  JamesJohanne@aol.com   
51 Joe Jurewicz   630-834-8016
52 Fred Kragler  FredKragler@hotmail.com   
54 Grant Cummings  pjs1937@msn.com   
55 Lou Guariniello   973-778-9768
56 Art Garafolo   bgarafolo@ewol.com   
57 Tom Clark   tom.clark@owenscorning.com   
58 Roger Piper    609-268-1465
59 Raymond Richter  RRic198423@aol.com   
60 Bob Noroski SABLE11058@AOL.COM   
61 Bruce Gay   bgay@bellsouth.net   
62 Marvin Summers  deesummorg@juno.com   
63 Garland V. Harper gvharper@bellsouth.net   
64&65 Robert J. Hales rjhales@hal-tec.com   
66 Fred Thweatt fthweatt@logicon.com   
67 Larry Prevette wlwiday@mindspring.com   
68 Peter Watson PJWatson@worldnet.att.net   
69 Sid Brown N4CNG@juno.com
70&71 Dr. Dayton Kirk daytonkirk@aol.com   
71&72 Harry J. Smith  904 645-9729

 Lost email addresses

Email is the most effective method of communication for a membership association. It also is the least expensive. When a shipmate fails to inform us of his email change he will only receive less frequent correspondence from our Association. I humbly request our Crew Chiefs or any one else to contact these 8 shipmates for their email addresses. They originally had good email addresses but were returned undeliverable from our last email correspondence. Please pick a name and contact the shipmate. He will be more than pleased to hear from you. Thanks!

Donald Pallo
2738 Chauncey Dr San Diego, CA 92123
48-51 MM2 858-565-4197

92623 KNOB HILL LN. Coos Bay, OR 97420
48-52 BM3 541-269-2096 SWBD

Bedford H. Wood
115 Redwood Dr.Bristol, CT 06010
51-55 DCW3 860-589-2055

Charles Bankert
P.O. Box 36044 Panama City, FL 32412
63-66 STCS 850-785-9136

Harry Smith
12254 Beaver Run Dr.Jacksonville, FL 32225
72-72 STG3 904 645-9729

Aubrey Keith King
812 Ahland Road Louisville, KY 40207
66-69 MM2 502-897-7387

726 Central Ave Westwego, LA 70094
63-66 STG3 504-328-1004

Paul Brown.
69-71 QM3 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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New Perry Shipmates

       It's just wonderful that our web site continues to attract new Shipmates. They all came aboard since our last reunion of October 2001. Let's welcome these new Shipmates aboard the Perry for a wonderful cruise down memory lane.

       Check our Ship's Log periodically. You will see some interesting stories. Also, don't forget to view our Perry Letters and Sea Stories web pages. By the way, you can always submit your own letter or sea story.

45-47 MM1 Mel Allcorn Alliance OH margieall@neo.rr.com
67-68 IC3 Thomas Allen Medford OR allent55@charter.net
45-49 BN3 LEROY Bomia MONROE MI rognor@peoplepc.com
46-47 QM1 Don J Bowers Sunbury PA chewy747@aol.com
51-53 SN Wes Broody San Jose CA WJsuper2000@aol.com
62-64 YN3 David Campbell Kearns UT dacampbe@networld.com
46-47 F1C Michael A Cannon Cumberland MD macannon@charter.net
72-72 MM Michael Corriveau Wallinford CT mkc9282@aol.com
60-61 SN Harry Duncan CLEVELAND GA hduncan7@hotmail.com
na EMC William Fasick Jacksonville FL 904-268-6096
48 SNGM Tommy F. Fedash Fayetteville AR fedashagentx@earthlink.net
62-63 XO Jim Ford Sandpoint ID jimford@imbris.com
48-51 SO3 Dave Funderburgh Palm Desert CA dajofu@yahoo.com
51-55 MEG2 Richard Gillespie Vero Beach FL Sendicott@aol.com
49-49 SK Floyd GITELMAN SKOKIE IL photofloyd@aol.com
46-47 BT2 Rick Goudy Effie MN rgoudyjt@mail.bigfork.net
57-58 EM2 George Haaga Shelton CT ehaaga@msn.com
63-66 FTG-2 Rudy Holland Los Angeles CA rhh27310@sbcglobal.net
65-66 STG3 Jim Hunter ~ HI jimorvicki@hotmail.com
60-62 FT2 Jack Hurst Rochester MN jhhurst@magnaspeed.net
71-73 GM Steve Ivins Poinciana FL Steve.Ivins@disney.com
70-73 QM2 George Jabbour TINTON FALLS NJ georgenyj@aol.com
69-70 MM3 Walter Johns Kissimmee FL jill@kua.net
59-62 RD2 Noel Johnson Chewelah WA nanojohn@pocketmail.com
46-48 MM3 Emmett Kearney Farmington Hills MI nadyenraek@yahoo.com
51-53 SN Paul Kiesel Temecula CA eglnxt@nctimes.net
61-65 SN James Laster Baltimore MD Jay.Laster@wnco.com
53-58 BT3 WJ LEUTENMAYER Springfield IL ~
48-49 SO ED Mahoney ~ ~ Mahoneyed416@aol.com
62-64 SN Norman Mann Bismarck MO oldtimer64@hotmail.com
67-69 MM 3 MJ (MacK) McDonough Cincinnati OH MMcdon8754@aol.com
52-54 SN Frank Miller Mount Pleasant IA kjksrice@lisco.com
70-72 MM3 Steven J. Moore Marshall IL smoore@joink.com
61-67 MMC Nick Morin ~ ~ TVISION01@aol.com
59-60 SN Bill Naylor Esmond RI willnjoy2@aol.com
55-56 BT1 Ed Patterson Atlantic Beach FL Lcpr9@attbi.com
46-47 GM Ronald Perry Apex NC DD844@webtv.net
~ ~ John Pinto ~ ~ disneyk@digitalusa.net
61-64 BT3 James Rawson Hawthorne FL jpraw4@aol.com
67-69 LTJG B. R. (Ron) Shelton Jonesboro AR ronshelton@yahoo.com
62-67 EM2 Ken Skelton Hilliard FL kenskelton@peoplepc.com
52-55 SN Robert Smith Brookline MA PTL.Smith@Verizon.net
Matt Snyder Spring Grove PA 717-225-1491
69-70 STGSN Max Soucia Dover-Foxcroft ME msoucia@midmaine.com
46-46 WT3 Louis VALENTINE CLIFTON HEIGHTS PA louvalentine@prodigy.net
68-69 IC2 Mark Warren Sulphur Springs TX mwarren@akgillis.com
57-59 RMCM Haskel J WEST Laurel MS java3223@aol.com
67-68 HMC Ben C. "Doc" Wilson Hot Springs AR 501-282-2473
51-53 ET3 Anthony Wind Siloam Springs AR klickagw@tcac.net
44-44 Capt Jeff Wonnenberg ~ ~ svnymphaea@fastmail.ca

 Officers and Directors

Steve Silk, President
Term - April 2000 - April 2003
1956 - 1957 - New Jersey
Phone / Fax 209-396-4386

Will Pruett, Vice President
Term - October 2001 - October 2004
1946 - 1947 - Arkansas
FAX 479-582-5666

Martin Deeney, Secretary
Term - April 2000 - April 2003
1959 - 1960 - Pennsylvania

Joe Malmendier, Treasurer
Term - April 2000 - April 2003
1955 - 1957 - Pennsylvania

Directors / Advisory Committee

Sid Brown
October 2001 - October 2004
1969 -1972 - Florida
fax phone 904-246-2003

Bill Janulin
October 2001 - October 2004
1963 - 1965 - New Jersey

Richard C Pittenger
October 2001 - October 2004
1646 - 1947 - Colorado