USS Perry
Reunion Association


3rd USS Perry Reunion

At the helm:

Steve Silk - Will Pruett - Martin Deeney - Joe Malmendier - Sid Brown -
Bill Janulin - Dick Pittenger
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Now hear this, Mates!
All hands are requested to join us at Branson, Missouri
for our 3rd USS Perry Association Reunion
May 14, 2003 - May 18, 2003
Branson Itinerary

I'm pleased to report; our Perry Association members have spoken. After counting our electronic votes (no Florida chad process for us) Branson Missouri was decisively selected for our next reunion. The votes indicate we will have approximately 50 - 60 shipmates attending, similar to past reunions. For the shipmates who feel a bit disappointed because their choice was not selected I humbly ask you to join us and frolic with the most wonderful group of shipmates to be found anywhere. Remember, the more the merrier. We have some wonderful speakers in mind that will truly add to the excitement of this reunion. We'll make the speaker announcement just as soon as it's confirmed. I promise, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

God willing, I'll see you all very soon and smooth sailing.

And now a word from our reunion chairman, Will Pruett, SK3 1946-47

Steve Silk

Branson, Missouri
Site of our 3rd Reunion
May 14 2003 - May 18 2003

"Some of you have visited Branson, Missouri before on your own. Most have not, I dare to say. It is listed as the most popular place in the United States for Military Reunions -- all branches but many, many Navy reunions. It has no active military presence but it does have a two-year old fantastic Veterans Memorial Museum and the most beautiful body of "cold" water--Table Rock Lake. You are URGED to browse three wonderful Web Sites to excite your appetite for attending the Third USS Perry Reunion Association reunion: -- describes the beautiful "Music Capital of the Universe" in the middle of the Ozarks. You will find a very different perspective from the untrue tales of old. You form your own opinion of what "Mid-America" is like. There are 30+ theaters with 60+ shows daily, lots of great dining and shopping spots, etc. -- select the "Branson, MO" button and browse to your delight, particularly the three highly professional and popular shows on our itinerary:
Shoji Tabuchi, Showboat Branson Belle and
Yakov Smirnoff.
Be sure to click the "More Information" button on these three shows to see a description. Then, browse other buttons to see the many exciting shows, theaters and the variety of activities to enjoy in Branson.". -- select the "Branson, MO" button and browse to your heart's content, clicking all the buttons that reflect Dining, Entertainment, Activities, Museums, etc.

Gatherings Plus
Ms. Pam Brown
Fax 417-338-5171
Phone 417-338-4048

This year the Board decided upon its first "package" concept with a professional reunion planner that has resulted in "more for your money". There is a payment plan to make the reunion more affordable to the "budget strained" shipmates. Pam Brown of the Branson Reunion Planning Center (RPC) will mail to ALL roster shipmates a complete registration Kit in the Fall of 2002. It will include an Invitation Letter, the full itinerary for 5 days, information about Branson and other important data for your consideration. A FREE Website will be provided by RPC for you to track the shipmate registration attendees on a weekly updated basis. The entire schedule of ALL activities / itinerary will keep you fully occupied with other shipmates throughout the 5 days and 4 nights, with provisions for well-remembered "Sea Stories" and back slapping and hugging. It puts all together for all events. It will enhance camaraderie and
opportunities to meet new shipmates (1946-1973) and reminisce with your buddies from service aboard the great ship we all enjoyed and experienced. A great program will highlight the Banquet/Dance on Saturday night. If you can access, click on "Reunion Programs & Event" button and then click "Branson, Missouri--Click to View Itinerary" to visualize the "THIRD TIME AROUND REUNION ADVENTURE--2003". For those without eMail, that information will be included with your Newsletter.

We trust you will view all four Websites then block out your vacation for May 14-18, 2003 in Branson, Missouri. You should look forward to receiving your Reunion Kit from the Reunion Planning Center in the Fall of 2002. Your early Registration will be much appreciated.

THANKS for your serious consideration.
Your 2003 Reunion Chairman, Will Pruett, SK3, 1946-47"