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#13    April 2003

3rd USS Perry Reunion
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At the helm:   Steve Silk - Will Pruett - Martin Deeney - Joe Malmendier - Sid Brown -
Bill Janulin - Dick Pittenger

         Ahoy, friends and family members of the USS Perry Association

I'm proud to say the Patriots have won a very overwhelming and decisive victory regarding our recent opinion survey on the "How Soon We Forget" story. My special thank you is extended to everyone who took the time to share their opinion with their shipmates.

While I never believe issues are purely black and white, there comes a time when we must put aside our differences and do the right thing for the betterment of the world. Without question, the cost of this endeavor is mind-boggling. I'm not talking economics, I'm talking the lives that will be changed forever as a result of what is happening. Read the opinions, they say it all.

All opinion replies are now posted to our website for everyone to read. I never anticipated the amount of work I created for myself because of the enthusiasm of everyone responding with their opinion. Aside from the technical work, I read and answered every email including those containing viewpoints I disagreed with. I must also commend the shipmates who provided dignified and logical opposing viewpoints. I am also sorry to say I received undignified personal messages that more than pissed me off. Had these characters been in striking distance I would have kicked ass.

The first amendment may provide protection for guys like these but the USS Perry dose not. I have always respected opposing viewpoints but I will never accept someone being nasty to any Perry shipmate. Let me know how you feel on this issue. Maybe a section 8 is in order.

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As always, your comments and OPINIONS are always welcomed.

Keep reading and look for the photo at the end of this newsletter.

NJ Tin Can Sailor Bull Session

I attended the event this Saturday and learned the TCS President, Tom Pelton is seriously ill with cancer. Please offer a prayer on his behalf. Everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him will attest to the fine way he has commanded our TCS ship.

As always the food was excellent. The guest speaker was a very attractive mermaid, I mean Captain. Would you believe she was a Navy Seal? She gave a wonderful presentation about a recent project, the recovery of the USS Monitor. This old ship was settled in 240 feet of water, similar to the depth of the DMS17. At this depth, diving cannot be done with basic oxygen and for any great length of time. The Navy was only able to recover the steam engine and revolving gun turret that was considered state-of-art during that time.

As always, I met a couple of our shipmates there. I learned that Bill Janulin cannot attend our reunion because he will be visiting his son during the time of our reunion. His son is a proud Marine who will be leaving for the Iraq area immediately after his visit. Let's all extend Bill our best wishes for the safe return of his son.

Wedding Bells are in the air. Can you believe one of are shipmates will be tying the knot once again. You will have to guess who it is because I will not reveal the name at this time. However, you probably will find out WHO at our reunion.

I also met Charlie Kletz, Chief Warrent Officer 3, USN Retired
He served aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry and wanted to know if we had an interest in shomehow having our Ships participate in some joint venture. I'll keep you posted.

Branson Reunion
By my last count we have 62 room registrations with 115 attending. It's still not to late to sign aboard.

With our Branson reunion date fast approaching, reservations should be made as early as possible. I understand the difficult times we are once again experiencing. However, let me remind you that our Jacksonville, FL Reunion was held in the wake of 911 and proved to be an outstanding event. As we have done in the past, let's stand strong and united in the face of the enemy.

Please contact Pam Brown at Gatherings Plus to make your reservations.       Fax 417-338-5171       Phone 417-338-4048

To view the current attendee list.

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Our 3rd Reunion Chairman, Will Pruett, SK3 1946-47
Any questions or suggestion should be directed to "Will"

1-479-582-3665, FAX 1-479-582-5666,     eMail


Please bring your scrapbooks, pictures and memorabilia for everyone to enjoy. Special Memorabilia Tables will be setup for both the DMS-17 and DD-844 to display your treasured pictures, scrapbooks and other artifacts.

The Hospitality Room will be open Wednesday Noon to receive your displays for the rest of us to enjoy. BE ASSURED THAT HOSPITALITY ROOM WILL BE SECURE AND LOCKED EACH NIGHT AT 10:00PM.

looking forward to share SEA STOTIES with new shipmates and past acquaintances.


At no extra cost to you, we have added another event--DMS17 SHOW 'N TELL at 1:00 - 3:00PM (or more if needed) on Friday, May 16th in the Hospitality Room. We will hear firsthand from shipmates aboard the USS Perry DMS-17 who had their ship struck at Pearl Harbor and later struck again and sunk on September 13, 1944. Our sister ship earned six Battle Stars during World War II. We will also hear about it's discovery on May 1, 2000 in 40 fathoms of water near Palau Island from Larry Tunks, a survivor, who was there to witness the discovery. We will see pictures, scrapbooks and video of that discovery.

Musical Instruments

For those of you gifted to play a musical instrument please let me know and if you would be willing to play for extemporaneous sing-alongs in the Hospitality Room from time to time.

Also, we need someone to play TAPS at our Memorial Ceremony. Please let me know if you can help.

Gone But Not Forgotten

I would greatly appreciate any names of shipmates that have passed away since June 1, 2001 (or about) that are not shown on our websit roster. We will list their names in the Memorial Program and pay tribute to them at our Special Memorial Ceremony to be held on ARMED FORCES DAY, May 17, 2003.

Have a safe trip and come prepared to share your joys and laughter.
Sincerely, Will Pruett, SK3, 1946-47, 3rd Reunion Chairman.
"Long after they are gone, their crews remember"

Mailing Address
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email your complete US Postal Address to

Stay well and God Bless you all.

See you in Branson for a cruise down memory lane.

Steve Silk

Keep an eye out for Wolves below in Sheep clothing!

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