Sept. 2003

Charleston, SC
selected for our
4th Perry Reunion

The Proudest Ship In The USN Fleet "long after the ships are gone, their crews remember"

USS Perry Reunion Association
Joe Malmendier - Sid Brown - Bob Hales - Steve Silk
Bill Beyhl - Bob Noroski - Dan Zabo - Dick Pittenger - Fred Kragler - Martin Deeney
Marvin Summers - Roger Rae - Rick Flanagan - Will Pruett


Charleston, Charleston, Charleston !!!!

Reunion Chairman Report

After the Board reviewed several Reunion Proposals, I'm please to report, our Board and Advisory members overwhelmingly selected Charleston for our next reunion site. I think everyone will enjoy Charleston with its great Naval History, fine food and music and excellent weather.

Our reunion date of Sep. 29, - Oct. 3, 2004 is confirmed by the Clarion Hotel. This should give every one ample time to set aside some time to enjoy another great Perry reunion. Call it vacation time, R&R or anything else that suites your fancy, but be sure to be there. Our exciting itinerary can be viewed by clicking the reunions button on our website. If you haven't yet attended one of our reunions, please consider attending this one. About 25 percent of our last attendance was made up of first timers and not too long ago, our reunion in Virginia Beach was made up of 100% first time attendees. In no time flat, I guarantee you'll be having the time of your life and feeling as if you shipped out with all these guys before. I hope to see you all there to enjoy the sea stories and friendship of old and new shipmates alike.

Recently, I have had the pleasure to be in contact with Capt. David Meadows. Captain Meadows has just assumed duties as Deputy Commander Naval Security Group Command. Previously he was assigned to the Joint Staff on the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. In addition to his extensive Naval responsibilities he is still able to find the time to author several exciting naval thrillers focused around the Sixth Fleet. His books, the Sixth Fleet, Seawolf, Tomcat, Cobra and Joint Task Force Liberia can be reviewed on his website . The books are in paperback and reasonably priced so you might consider reading one to see if the Sixth Fleet stories you can recall have any resemblance to the Captains stories.

How would you like to have Capt. Meadows attend our reunion as our guest speaker? Can you imagine the 'Sea Stories'? Well here's what he said, "Steve, I would be honored to attend the reunion, but won't know my schedule this far in advance". I want you all to know, all our past exciting speakers were also unable to commit so far in advance but we always lucked out in the end. Maybe we'll be lucky this time around as well. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Treasurers Report

Our Budget and supporting documents for our 4th reunion cycle can be viewed by clicking the FYI button on our website.

Dues contributions have been slow coming in. To date we have collect $1,175 from 63 shipmates. If you have not yet sent in a token of your appreciation please take a moment to do so, we need your support. Our Dues have been set at $10 between reunions to help cover the expense of newsletters, reunions, memorial donations and our website. No matter how small or great the contribution, please accept the thanks and appreciation of all the Perry Shipmates that have helped make our Association a huge success.

Please make checks payable to:
USS Perry R. A. and mail to:
Steve Silk
47 Alpine Drive
Wayne, NJ 07470

If you cannot make a contribution at this time we understand. However, please take a moment to let us know you enjoy the fond memories of being part of the Perry Association.

Special contribution will be greatly appreciated and recognized. If you wish your contribution to be earmarked to a special organization please be sure to let us know.

On behalf of the all the Perry Shipmates that have helped make our Association a huge success please accept our thanks and appreciation for your continued support.

You can review our BY-LAWS, read the minutes of our past business meetings and see the makeup of your Board members by clicking the BYLAW button on our website.

Recent Events

Admiral Retires - If you haven't already heard, a favorite son of the USS Perry, Rear Admiral David Pruett has officially retired from the Unites States Navy after an exciting 28 Year career. His retirement ceremony was as exciting as his career. It was held in Washington DC on the grounds of the US Navy Yard. Everything was just splendid, I can still hear the great US Navy marching band playing all the wonderful tunes we love so well. I know if it were up to the Admiral, the entire Perry Association would have been there for this very joyous occasion. Since this was not an option, you can enjoy viewing some of the photos taken at the ceremony by clicking the photo button and then the retirement button on our web site. Please don't be shy in congratulating a shipmates and one proud dad, Will Pruett SK3 46-48 for sharing the Admiral with us. -

Captain John Hall has just sent in his photo to be included in our Skippers web page. It is my hope to have a photo of each of our skippers posted to our website. Capt Hall was the last of a great line of men to skipper the USS Perry DD-844.

If anyone has any Skipper photos please share them with us.

Don't forget to check out our Ship's Log to see the Shipmates finding our Perry Association website for the first time. Most recently, LTJG Dick Waters signed our ship's log. He currently lives aboard his 40 ft. sailboat the S/V Lady Cybil. What a life! His website is and email is

Let's offer Rick Flanagan our congratulations. His first novel, "The Abilene Trail," should be out soon from JoNa Books. We'll let you know when it hits the stands.

'Gone but not forgotten'

With sadness I report the loss of several shipmates who have taken their final voyage.
61-62 Capt... Robert B. Pond .. USN/ret .. July 16, 2003 .. view photo
45-46 LTJG John Richards, 74 darling Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10804, 914-636-2577, 2/2003
52-55 Ed Reddish, , 235 Warren, Brookline, MA 02445, 617-734-0322, 9-15-03

EMAIL address

Please remember to keep your email address current and help us economize our expenses by sending your correct email address to and or

In Conclusion

I hope our shipmates who could not be with us in Branson, MO will be with us in Charleston, SC to share some good times together. Please be sure to take the opportunity to join us in Charleston, you've earned it. For now just set aside the time, registrations won't start for a while.

As always, it is my pleasure to serve our Association. I appreciate your friendship and look forward to your comments.

God bless and smooth sailing to you all,
Steve Silk