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#11    January 2003

3rd USS Perry Reunion
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At the helm:   Steve Silk - Will Pruett - Martin Deeney - Joe Malmendier - Sid Brown -
Bill Janulin - Dick Pittenger

           Ahoy Mates,

A Blessed and Healthy Holiday Season and Happy New Year to you all.

I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Up here in Wayne, NJ we were blessed with a beautiful White Christmas. You boys down south may not agree, but snow around the Holidays is simply beautiful. If you don't like snow, I'll bet we'll agree on at least one thing, 2002 ended on a good note with Navy trashing Army 58 to 12. Thata way Navy!

Now that we are into the New Year I hope you are all living up to the new resolutions you've made. I do hope one of the resolutions you made is to treat yourselves a bit better. Take more time off and enjoy an extra trip or two, you deserve it.

Speaking of trips just happens to remind me that our 3rd Perry Reunion is fast approaching.So don't 'Miss the Boat' make your reservation as early as possible.

Within a day or two you will be receiving a reunion packet from Gatherings Plus. They are the Reunion Planners handling our reunion activities. From experience, I can tell you this, we never think we can outdo the prior reunion but somehow we manage to do it a bit better. This year's reunion will take on a slightly different flavor. For starters, we have more planned group activities, exciting cabaret shows and for the first time a bit of music and dance at our farewell banquet. I invite you all to join us for our 3rd reunion. You be the judge and see for yourself if Branson, Mo 2003 was able to outdo Jacksonville, Fl 2001.

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  Reunion 2003 Theme

Our theme for this reunion is the sinking and discovery of the USS Perry DMS-17. We have been in contact with Frank Pogue and Larry Tunks and God willing these teenagers may be joining us to share some good sea stories.

Matt Young, one of the divers exploring the wreck was kind enough to send us the photos. On his next dive he will be placing a US Flag on the wreck. If our Association has an interest, he offered to place a more permanent plaque with the names of those shipmates who lost their lives aboard the Perry.

Check out the exciting photos of the
DMS-17 wreck on our website

To obtain a reunion packet contact:

Gatherings Plus
Ms. Pam Brown
Fax 417-338-5171
Phone 417-338-4048


This year we welcomed aboard shipmate # 500. I trust this increase in members will interpret to having many new faces at the reunion. If this is your first time attending a Perry reunion, I promise it will only take about 5 minutes to know everyone. Remember, we're all here to have fun and a big part of it is fostering new relationships and rekindling old friendships.

On behalf of all Perry shipmates I commend Will Pruett and his Crew Chief's for an outstanding job of finding so many missing shipmates and bringing them aboard the Perry once again.


USS Perry Association Dues

To our shipmates old and new, I am pleased to report we will not make a dues request prior to our Branson reunion as we have for past reunions.

At our last reunion, our tour to the Mayport Naval Base was cancelled due to 911. Rather than accept refunds for the cancelled tour, our shipmates elected to contribute their refund toward this reunion.  Normally the policy of our Association is to request a nominal dues amount prior to our reunions, which are scheduled 18 months apart.

At our reunion business meeting, dues and fund allocation will be an item on our agenda for discussion. First and foremost the monies we collect must be used toward the benefit of our Reunion Association with a small percentage being contributed to various Naval charitable organizations.

Also, special thanks to the many new members who emailed complements about the Perry website and extended their willingness to support the website effort.

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A call to serve your
Perry Reunion Association

Become a candidate for a position on the Perry Association Board of Directors or the Advisory Committee. As term limits expire, certain positions will become available and shipmates are needed to fill the vacancies. While I hope you feel our current Board did a great job, it may be time to bring on new Officers and Advisors with new ideas and renewed energy to raise our Perry Association to even greater heights. Please email me for specific information.

Mailing Address

If you have not already done so please

email your complete US Postal Address to

A special message from Reunion Chairman and VP Will Pruett
"If you've never been to Branson, MO in the Spring and visited the Ozarks, you should make plans and do your best to register for our 3rd USS Perry Reunion Association reunion on May 14-18, 2003. Freshness of air, beauty of scenery and pretty lakes and water all over the place. Branson is a dry city but liquor availability is present in many locations. You will find "friendly driving" deeds rewarded with like favors. People from all over the United States (and foreign) visit Branson for the "family atmosphere," the 60 musical shows in 30+ theaters daily, visit family-fun sites near Branson and into Arkansas--just 8 miles south to the Border, to witness clean entertainment and dining of utmost professionalism and quality and just a good all around good time experience for everyone. A lot of work and planning by a lot of people has gone into this reunion to make it the best yet. We will honor our DMS17 Survivors from September 13, 1944 and the discovery of their ship on May 1, 2000. Your Registration material should have reached you by now BUT IF IT HASN'T, please call GATHERINGS PLUS (formerly Reunion Planning Center) at 1-417--338-4048 or FAX a request to them at 1-417-338-4048 for your Registration Kit. If you do not register by March 15th, a Crew Chief is likely to give you a call to remind you. We look forward to seeing you again!
Sincerely, Will Pruett, SK3, 1946-47, Reunion Chairman 1-479-582-3665, FAX 1-479-582-5666,

Our Newest Destroyer

Our Secretary of the Navy Gordon England has selected the name Bainbridge for its newest destroyer, DDG 96.

Bainbridge brings back many fond memories for me. I wonder how many of us did our boot camp training there.

Check out the DD96

Tin Can Sailor

The 2003 Bull Session dates are not yet posted to TCS website so check your TCS publication for forthcoming dates. I hope to see you at The NJ Bull Session that is held in March. If you are not a member of TCS please join this most worthy organization. Don't forget to mention the DD-844 when you sign up.

Personal Happenings


It's my pleasure to tell everyone that I spoke with Marty Bushman and he will definitely be joining us once again in Branson. Marty just recently underwent surgery for a heart transplant and is feeling better than new. Make sure your ladies are aware that old twinkle toes is looking to kick up a storm.

54-59 FT ..


The power of prayer goes a long way. Let us all take a moment to offer our prayers for Terry's speedy recovery. Terry is the wife of Walt Procanyn, SN 55-57. Terry recently had a bone marrow transplant for a very rare disease and is scheduled for the removal of her spleen.


None of us are exempt from problems. This New Years day my Granddaughter lost her entire home to a fire. We thank God everyone was OK. This brave girl of 13 guided her Mom to safety by jumping from upper floor window. Considering the magnitude of the tragedy and loosing everything you own, her greatest sorrow is for the loss of her pet dog Sandy.

"Remember, happiness is not the absence
of problems but our ability to deal with them."


If any crew member had a problem
with asbestosis please contact me:

Joseph Duignan
5995 Citrus Ave.
Ft. Pierce Fl.34982
1 772 467 2043


Ships Bell

Kay Taylor Hume presented a beautiful Ship's Bell to the Perry Association in honor of the memory of her Dad, Bill Taylor. Like many of us, throughout the years, Bill often spoke of his fondness of the Perry to his daughter. Our special thanks go out to Kay for her most generous gift. I know Bill Taylor will be with us in Branson and looking at his Bell at the Memorial Service when we ring the Bell in honor all the Perry Shipmates that have sailed on to calmer seas. Kay would most welcome a hello from anyone who may have served with her Dad Bill.

The inscription on the bell reads: In Memory - WILLIAM 'Bill' TAYLOR
September 13, 1927 - October 1, 2002 - USS Perry DD-844 - 1947-1948
YN3 - Bristol Tennessee

If you care to own a very handsome 11oz. (3.75" tall) Perry coffee mug please click the email link to indicate your interest. If we receive sufficient interest to place the order you will be notified with further details. The cost of the mug is $15.00 and includes shipping and delivery. Mugs will be delivered to Guest House Inn and Suites in Branson for reunion attendees and to your home if you are unable to attend the reunion. The mug displays the portrait of the Perry that was hung in the Wardroom of the DD-844. It is a very handsome mug of excellent quality.Remember, you need not attend the reunion to purchase the mug.

Let me also extend another thank you to everyone who has come aboard the Perry for a cruise down memory lane. You have turned the countless hours of building the Perry website into a truly heart warming rewarding experience

God Bless you all. God willing, I'll be in Branson to greet you.
Stay well and have a happy 2003

Steve Silk

Post Script

I almost forgot to tell you about the heavy cruiser USS PORTLAND (CA-33), holding their final reunion in Branson at the same time and same hotel as the Perry . I understand that they have held more than 200 reunions over 30 years. Possibly, some shipmates may served on both ships. At our last reunion, Mike Vanderschaaf attended two reunions in jacksonville. He did say our was the better event.

Registration Roster
You can view the reunion registration roster
This service if provided by Gatherings Plus our reunion planners.

Name : Hank Herbowy
Aboard Perry : 48-52
Rate : TM3
Email :
comment : I signed in for my brother Walter Herbowy from Utica, NY. who passed away in 1970 he searved on the Perry out of Newport,RI. Would like to hear from anyone who knew Walt in those early years aboard the Perry. Great site, Hank Herbowy